AR-15 Assault Rifle: Weapon Of Mass Destruction

AR-15 Assault Rifle:

Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Who Invented The AR-15 And Why

The AR-15 In The Vietnam War

“Our father, Eugene Stoner, designed the AR-15 and subsequent M-16 as a military weapon to give our soldiers an advantage over the AK-47,” the Stoner family told NBC News. “He died long before any mass shootings occurred. But, we do think he would have been horrified and sickened as anyone, if not more by these events.”

AR-15 Weapon Of Choice For Mass Killers

What Makes AR-15 So Appealing To Mass Killers

“While it can’t spray bullets like a machine gun in movies, it does reload quickly, allowing shooters to fire as fast and as often as they can pull the trigger.”

AR-15 Often Employed In Mass Shootings

AR-15 Background Information And Cost


One of the coolest things about the AR-15 is that it can be tailored to suit your style and needs. It is customizable for any purpose and has readily swappable parts, aka “furniture.” This includes aesthetics as well as more purpose-driven parts. – A Devoted Fan

“AR-15s are designed to kill multiple enemy combatants at once,” said Frank Smyth, weapons expert and founder of GJS, an organization that trains journalists for combat reporting. “But of course in the hands of an active shooter or an individual that was targeting civilians, it’s a tactical weapon. It enables them to target multiple people in a quick period of time.”

Time To Ban The AR-15

Honored Vet Calls For AR-15 Ban

Banning AR-15 will not be easy

Current owners threaten violence:

NRA Never Met An Ar-15 It Didn’t Like

Predator In The White House

Predator In The White House

Donald Trump: Let Us Prey

Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Disgusting animal. These are just some of the names that Donald Trump has called women.

Trump’s Accusers: Silent No More

Trump Accusers Demand Congress Investigate


“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” – Donald Trump

Trump Claims Accusations Political – They Aren’t

What Trump’s Accusers Are Saying

The person who came up with the expression ‘the weaker sex’ was either very naïve or had to be kidding. I have seen women manipulate men with just a twitch of their eye — or perhaps another body part.” – Donald Trump

Trump Does Not Respect Women

Trump Tweets Show He Doesn’t Get #MeToo

.@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man- he made a good decision. —Trump tweet

Transcript of “Grab ‘Em By The Pussy” Tape

Is Donald Trump Crazy? Is A Psychiatrist Allowed To Tell You.

Is President Donald Trump crazy?

Given his unorthodox and erratic campaign for the presidency and his first few months in office, people are asking.

But will a psychiatrist tell you?

Is a psychiatrist allowed to tell you?

Psychiatrists fight over the ethics of diagnosing Trump

Why? It all goes back to the campaign of Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater for president of the United States.

Goldwater was the Republican candidate running against President Lyndon Johnson. Johnson’s campaign team painted Goldwater as a dangerous extremist unfit for the presidency.

A magazine, Fact, then in print asked American psychiatrists about Goldwater’s fitness and mental health.

The results infuriated Goldwater and raised questions regarding the ethics of psychiatrists diagnosing someone who was never their patient nor with whom they had any personal contact.

Following the election – Goldwater lost – the Arizona senator sued Fact for libel. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. Fact lost, and later ceased publication.

The American Psychiatric Association was bloodied and bruised in the process of the Fact libel suit, which involved a sizable number of its membership.

The American Psychiatric Association, to ensure there would never be a Goldwater-diagnose-from-a-distance problem put in place the Goldwater Rule.

“I don’t think that, without an examination of an individual, one can make an assessment of the person’s psychological profile,” said Maria A. Oquendo, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University who is also president of the American Psychiatric Association.

Just a reminder, the Goldwater rule applies to psychiatrists, who are medical doctors. Other mental health professionals operate under other guidelines.

Although the following response of the president of the American Psychological Association is helpful in understanding the stance of that organization.

Susan H. McDaniel  President  American Psychological Association  Washington clarifies the position of the organization.

The American Psychological Association does not have a Goldwater Rule per se, but our Code of Ethics clearly warns psychologists against diagnosing any person, including public figures, whom they have not personally examined. Specifically, it states: “When psychologists provide public advice or comment via print, Internet or other electronic transmission, they take precautions to ensure that statements (1) are based on their professional knowledge, training or experience in accord with appropriate psychological literature and practice; (2) are otherwise consistent with this Ethics Code; and (3) do not indicate that a professional relationship has been established with the recipient.”

Sigmund Freud himself would never have imagined a curious citizenry consumed with psychiatric insights into an erratic president.

So is the president of the United States insane?

Unfit for office?

Ripe for removal under the 25th Amendment to our Constitution?

Amendment XXV
Section 1.
In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.
Section 2.
Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.
Section 3.
Whenever the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, and until he transmits to them a written declaration to the contrary, such powers and duties shall be discharged by the Vice President as Acting President.
Section 4.
Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.
Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.

With psychiatrists and other mental health professionals ethically bound not to make pronouncements on the president, with a Republican majority in the Cabinet and the Congress, at least from a mental health point of view Donald Trump will be tweeting from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue through 2020.

P.S. Despite the opinion of the psychiatrists of the day, guess who was a big backer of Senator Barry Goldwater?

Despite her current status as a Democratic icon, former first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had some significant exposure to conservative politics in her youth. In her autobiography Living History, Clinton described her father as a “rock-ribbed, up-by-your-bootstraps, conservative Republican and proud of it” and noted that she had been a Young Republican and a supporter of Arizona senator Barry Goldwater.






Steve Bannon: How Worried Should You Be?

Steve Bannon: How Worried Should You Be?

Steve Bannon Advises President Trump

Steve Bannon: Most Dangerous Man In America?

Steve Bannon Leading To World War III?

What You Need To Know About Steve Bannon

Robert Reich Takes On Steve Bannon

Bad For Climate Change

Steve Bannon Has Apocalyptic World View

These Writers Inspired And Informed Steve Bannon

Dark, Darker, Darkest

Loving Lenin

More Catholic Than Pope Francis?

Trying To Topple Pope Francis?

Bernie Sanders/Pope Francis

I come from a blue-collar, Irish Catholic, pro-Kennedy, pro-union family of Democrats.

— Steve Bannon

Hiding In Plain Sight

Making America Less Secure In An Anxious World





Sanctuary Cities: Why, What, Where

Sanctuary Cities: Why, What, Where

With the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, the issue of American “Sanctuary Cities” is front page news. That, and a brewing crisis.

Donald Trump

But before the current controversy, a little background. The concept of sanctuary is not new. The following article examines sanctuary in medieval English law.

The Concept Of Sanctuary In English Law

Medieval Sanctuary Based On Greeks And Romans

Designation as a sanctuary city did not begin in the last few years. From the mid-1980s, Chicago, Illinois, designated itself as a sanctuary city. And the heart of the decision was not Hispanic.

Chicago’s History As A Sanctuary City

San Francisco, California took a different route to its sanctuary city designation. And that came with a horrible tragedy.

How San Francisco Became A Sanctuary City

Beginnings Of Sanctuary City Movement

What Else Should You Know About Sanctuary Cities

Learning About Sanctuary Cities

Feelings run deep on the issue of sanctuary cities. Americans are divided on the issue and have varying perspective on the legal and moral issue involved.

So, what’s happening now with the start of the Trump presidency?

The Dawning Of The Age Of Trump

Trump v. Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary Cities v. Trump

Where are sanctuary cities?

List Of Sanctuary Cities, Counties, States

Test Of Wills And Resolve Begins




Carrie Fisher — The Star Still Shines

The star still shines


New York Times News Report

Star quality undiminished


Oprah Interviews Carrie Fisher And Her Mother

I don’t know if they were culturally significant, but they were very popular. My mother and my father were America’s sweethearts. They literally received that tag. Even my parents sort of went along with the assumption that they were a good couple, but they probably weren’t a very good couple. Anyway, my father was best friends with a man named Michael Todd. Mike Todd was married to Elizabeth Taylor. Mike Todd died in a plane crash, and my father consoled Elizabeth Taylor with his penis.


The satisfaction of a grand life

Carrie Fisher On Ellen DeGeneres

Los Angeles Times On Life Of Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher: Hollywood Tough Place For Women

You can’t find true affection in Hollywood because everyone does the fake affection so well.


Harrison Ford ‘Was A 3-Month 1-Night Stand’

Carrie Fisher’s 1st Appearance on Johnny Carson

I was street smart, but unfortunately the street was Rodeo Drive.

Carrie Fisher’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts

Father of Carrie Fisher Daughter

Carrie Fisher’s ex ties the knot with longtime boyfriend

Carrie Fisher Could Do It All


Author Carrie Fisher interview on Charlie Rose (1994)

Carrie holds such a special place in the hearts of everyone at Lucasfilm it is difficult to think of a world without her. She was Princess Leia to the world but a very special friend to all of us. She had an indomitable spirit, incredible wit, and a loving heart. Carrie also defined the female hero of our age over a generation ago. Her groundbreaking role as Princess Leia served as an inspiration of power and confidence for young girls everywhere. We will miss her dearly.

Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm

Carrie Fisher interview 2016 – Jonathan Ross Show

I have always stood in awe of Carrie.  Her observations always made me laugh and gasp at the same time.  She didn’t need The Force.  She was a force of nature, of loyalty and of friendship.  I will miss her very much.

Steven Spielberg, director






The Antibiotic Crisis — Your Life Depends On It

The Antibiotic Crisis — Your Life Depends On It

Alexander Fleming’s Penicillin Revolutionizes Medicine

“One sometimes finds what one is not looking for. When I woke up just after dawn on Sept. 28, 1928, I certainly didn’t plan to revolutionize all medicine by discovering the world’s first antibiotic, or bacteria killer. But I guess that was exactly what I did.”

Quote by Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming was a Scottish physician-scientist who was recognized for discovering penicillin. The simple discovery and use of the antibiotic agent has saved millions of lives, and earned Fleming – together with Howard Florey and Ernst Chain, who devised methods for the large-scale isolation and production of penicillin – the 1945 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine.


On August 6, 1881, Alexander Fleming was born to Hugh Fleming and Grace Stirling Morton in Lochfield Farm, Scotland. Initially schooled in Scotland, Fleming eventually moved to London with three brothers and a sister, and completed his youth education at the Regent Street Polytechnic. He did not enter medical school immediately after; instead, he worked in a shipping office for four years. When his uncle John died, he willed equal shares of his estate to his siblings, nieces and nephews, and Fleming was able to use his share to pursue a medical education. In 1906, he graduated with distinction from St Mary’s Medical School at London University.


Fleming did not intend to begin a career in research. While serving as a private in the London Scottish Regiment of the Territorial Army, he became a recognized marksman. Wishing to keep Fleming in St Mary’s to join its rifle club, the club’s captain convinced him to pursue a career in research rather than in surgery, as the latter choice would require him to leave the school. The captain introduced him to Sir Almroth Wright, a keen club member and a pioneer in immunology and vaccine research, who agreed to take Fleming under his wing. It was with this research group that Fleming stayed throughout his entire career.

When World War I broke out, Fleming served in the Army Medical Corps as a captain. During this time, he observed the death of many of his fellow soldiers, not always from wounds inflicted in battle, but from the ensuing infection that could not be controlled. The primary means to combat infection was antiseptics, which frequently did more harm than good. In an article he wrote during this time, Fleming discussed the presence of anaerobic bacteria in deep wounds, which proliferated despite antiseptics. Initially, his research was not accepted, but Fleming continued undaunted and in 1922, he discovered lysozyme, an enzyme with weak antibacterial properties. History tells us that, while infected with a cold, Fleming transferred some of his nasopharyngeal mucus onto a Petri dish. Not known for fastidious laboratory organization, he placed the dish among the clutter at his desk and left it there, forgotten, for two weeks. In that time, numerous colonies of bacteria grew and proliferated. However, the area where the mucus had been inoculated remained clear. Upon further investigation, Fleming discovered the presence of a substance in the mucus that inhibited bacterial growth and he named it lysozyme. He also discovered lysozyme in tears, saliva, skin, hair and fingernails. He was soon able to isolate larger amounts of lysozyme from egg white, but in subsequent experiments found that this enzyme was effective against only a small number of non-harmful bacteria. Nevertheless, this would lay the groundwork for Fleming’s next great discovery.


In 1928, Fleming began a series of experiments involving the common staphylococcal bacteria. An uncovered Petri dish sitting next to an open window became contaminated with mold spores. Fleming observed that the bacteria in proximity to the mold colonies were dying, as evidenced by the dissolving and clearing of the surrounding agar gel. He was able to isolate the mold and identified it as a member of the Penicillium genus. He found it to be effective against all Gram-positive pathogens, which are responsible for diseases such as scarlet fever, pneumonia, gonorrhea, meningitis and diphtheria. He discerned that it was not the mold itself but some ‘juice’ it had produced that had killed the bacteria. He named the ‘mold juice’ penicillin. Later, he would say: “When I woke up just after dawn on September 28, 1928, I certainly didn’t plan to revolutionize all medicine by discovering the world’s first antibiotic, or bacteria killer. But I suppose that was exactly what I did.”

Although Fleming published the discovery of penicillin in the British Journal of Experimental Pathology in 1929, the scientific community greeted his work with little initial enthusiasm. Additionally, Fleming found it difficult to isolate this precious ‘mold juice’ in large quantities. It was not until 1940, just as he was contemplating retirement, that two scientists, Howard Florey and Ernst Chain, became interested in penicillin. In time, they were able to mass-produce it for use during World War II.

Fleming received many awards for his achievements. In 1928, he became Professor of Bacteriology at St Mary’s. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1943 and elevated to the level of Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology at the University of London in 1948. A recipient of some thirty honorary degrees, in 1945, he won the most prestigious award, the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine. He was made a Knight Bachelor by King George VI in 1944 and a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Alfonso X the Wise in 1948. Time Magazine named Fleming one of the 100 most important people of the 20th century.

What Is An Antibiotic?

Keeping Us Healthy And Alive
Keeping Us Healthy And Alive

Antibiotics: Not Just Penicillin

So How Do Antibiotics Work Their Magic?

Can You Get Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Do Cows Go To Walgreens Or CVS?

What’s The Problem? This Is

Use And Misuse Of Antibiotics
Use And Misuse Of Antibiotics

“In the debate over the use of antibiotics in agriculture, a distinction is usually made between their clinical and nonclinical uses. Public health advocates don’t object to treating sick animals with antibiotics; they just don’t want to see the drugs lose their effectiveness because factory farms are feeding them to healthy animals to promote growth. But the use of antibiotics in feedlot cattle confounds this distinction. Here the drugs are plainly being used to treat sick animals, yet the animals probably wouldn’t be sick if not for the diet of grain we feed them.”
Michael Pollan

Drug Resistant Bacteria Can Kill

Why Isn’t Big Pharma Working On New Antibiotics?

Antibiotics In Our Food Supply
Antibiotics In Our Food Supply

Why so little research on new antibiotics?

A promising new antibiotic?

antibiotics-2antibiotics-1Pew Trust brings its expertise and passion to the table

Answer could be as plain as the nose on your face

In the meanwhile, Be Careful.

Drur Resistant Bacteria Casualties
Drur Resistant Bacteria Casualties




Overfishing Dooming Tuna Species

Overfishing Dooming Tuna Species

Human greed and overfishing are driving tuna species to a bleak future.

Simply put, tuna are being netted, pulled from the ocean and killed faster than they can reproduce.

tuna-species Tuna SpeciesTuna in crisis and endangered

Tuna doomed unless Japan acts responsibly


The decline in several tuna species has been catastrophic.

Atlantic bluefin tuna

Southern bluefin tuna

Yellowfin tuna

Albacore tuna

Bigeye tuna

Skipjack tuna

So much damage has been done already.


Overfishing is unsustainable

Fear for the survival and the future of Atlantic tuna

Pacific bluefin population collapse




Measures to help tuna survive

The price of ignoring the problem



The Wildlife Report: Get Informed. Get Involved

               The Wildlife Report:

Get Informed. Get Involved

The wildlife of the world are nearing a tipping point from which they may never recover.

The crisis of dying animal species is here and now.

The world is losing the wildlife we love.

This eco-catastrophe has been years in the making.

The crisis of dying species didn’t happen overnight.

Hunting, poaching, human encroachment, bad farming practices, destruction of habitat and more have contributed to this bleak future.

Destroying our forests. Destroying their habitat.

Is this sustainable?

Will future generations see living elephants?

Rhino can’t protect themselves from people.

You and I do not have to be silent witnesses to the death of animals and species. We must be informed and involved.

Yes, your help matters.

Endangered species are counting on you.

Don’t just watch the animals disappear from the Earth.



Canned Hunting Exposed: Savage Cruel Bloodthirsty

Canned Hunting Exposed: Savage Cruel Bloodthirsty

“We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.”
César Chávez

Zebra Killed In Canned Hunt
Zebra Killed In Canned Hunt

Heard the old expression. “Like shooting fish in a barrel?”

Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t. But it describes a form of canned hunting — killing animals that have no possibility or hope of escape. Animals awaiting their deaths at the hands of high-paying savages who pay big money to kill an animal that has more value to the world than they do.

Try as I might, there is simply no understanding people who are able to murder in cold-blood an animal that is captive whether that is behind the bars of a cage, fenced-in on a Texas ranch or game farm in Africa, or drugged and unable to escape the monster with the lethal weapon in their hands.

Trapped Behind A Fence Awaiting the Canned Hunter
Trapped Behind A Fence Awaiting the Canned Hunter 

“This, for many people, is what’s most offensive about hunting—to some, disgusting: that it encourages, or allows, us not only to kill but to take a certain pleasure in killing”
Michael Pollan

This “hunting,” really it is just cold-blooded murder by a different name, is not solely the province of the socially deviant, the mentally disturbed or the sociopath. Ordinary Americans, some admired by millions, are able to profit from canned hunts without a thought.

American actor Matthew McConaughey was exposed in recent years for using his Texas ranch to profit from the death of penned-up deer. For myself, since McConaughey is a prominent paid endorser of Lincoln cars, I cannot imagine buying any Ford product.

Fenced In Deer - Slated To Be Victims Of Canned Hunters
Fenced In Deer – Slated To Be Victims Of Canned Hunters

I will not support shooting fish in a barrel.

Singer Troy Lee Gentry paid to shoot a tame bear that was imprisoned in a small area unable to experience freedom because of the electrified fence that kept him a prisoner until his death. Gentry then falsified records and lied to friends about the “hunt.”

Owner Lee Marvin Greenly sold the bear for $4,650 and orchestrated the hunt, which Gentry videotaped and edited to make it appear the bear had been killed in a fair chase hunt, according to authorities.

Montgomery Gentry, which includes co-singer Eddie Montgomery, are known for hits such as “My Town” and “If You Ever Stop Loving Me.”

Do you really want to support the murder of captive animals by purchasing the music of Montgomery Gentry? I don’t. I won’t.

Animals of all sorts are kept on fenced-in, escape-proof, ranches especially in Texas. If you have the money, greedy evil canned hunting operators will provide you the animal of your choosing.

Graduation present? Reward for a good report card? Using the death of another living being as a way of feeling powerful when you know how powerless you really are? No problem. If you pay enough.

Teaching Kills That Murder Is Sport - To A Sick Few
Teaching Kills That Murder Is Sport – To A Sick Few
Beautiful Bison Killed By Ugly Hunter
Beautiful Bison Killed By Ugly Hunter

Looking for a way to impress the other bored, dysfunctional members of your 1% social circle?

Then by all means join the other Ugly Americans who feel good only when they have inflicted pain and death on a creature more valued by the world by you.

Canned Hunting Exposed: Savage Cruel Bloodthirsty

Ugly American Murder Beautiful Rhino
Ugly American Murder Beautiful Rhino
No Matter How Gentle The Zebra Someone Wants To Murder It
No Matter How Gentle The Zebra Someone Wants To Murder It

Too fat to walk to the enclosure, fence, or pen? Too fat to get in the vehicle that will drive you to your vehicle. Canned hunt operators now make it possible to shoot and kill a beautiful animal from the comfort of your computer keyboard — and then you can waddle or be transported to the corpse.

Fat Ass Tiny penis Killer And The Noble Lion Whose Life He Ended
Fat Ass Tiny penis Killer And The Noble Lion Whose Life He Ended

As wealthy bored heartless Americans flock to Africa to kill, the problem becomes one of species on the verge of extinction. Not enough targets.

But that wonderful American virtue, greed, is the mother of invention. Sensing money to be made, degenerates, especially in South Africa are breeding animals like lions solely and specifically to be killed in canned hunts.

Blood Lions Raised To Be Killed By Wealthy Americans
Blood Lions Raised To Be Killed By Wealthy Americans

Ellen DeGeneres

“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

Ellen DeGeneres

But greed, killing and savagery have opponents. A magnificent documentary exposing the horror of breeding lions for trophy hunters and the canned hunting industry is changing the tide.
“Blood Lions” is an eye-opening expose and a challenge to all of us who love and respect animals. It is surely one film that must be seen by every man, woman and child on our planet.
To Be Continued…