Sharks, Shark Fin Soup, China

The tragedy is global and enormous: Sharks, Shark Fin Soup, China. At first glance it may not seems so large a tragedy but please, read the numbers.

At the least, 100,000,000 sharks are killed each year by fisherman.

And many scientists and oceanographers say that number is conservative. The actual number may be closer to 300,000,000. Easily, heartlessly, people are killing at least 11,000 sharks per hour. 

Sharks are now endangered with extinction.

Sharks, Shark Fin Soup, China

To feed China’s appetite for shark fin soup.

shark fin

The fin of the shark is the valuable part. After slicing the fins off a living shark it is thrown into the ocean unable to swim, sinking to death at the bottom of the ocean.

The fisherman easily earn $500 a pound for fins in this grisly, cruel, unsustainable practice. Depending on the species of shark that price can skyrocket into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Turns out the shark is not the most feared predator. The dishonor goes to the fisherman.

The fisherman, of course, would have no market for their despicable “catch” were it not for consumer demand in China.

Sharks, Shark Fin Soup, China

At one time shark fin soup was reserved for the Chinese emperor. Now, any consumer in China with the financial means can have this as often as they wish.

At least 100,000,000 sharks die each year for this.
At least 100,000,000 sharks die each year for this.

Can you and I do anything to save sharks while there are still shark to be saved.


Contact your member of Congress. Laws should be passed which offer protection to sharks. As a voter, you have the right to have your voice heard in Congress. Do not just get angry, get involved.

Support organizations that advocate for shark conservation.

Use social media to alert other to this danger to the world’s sharks. Your participation on social media advocating for sharks and educating for sharks can have truly global reach.

Your voice, and the voices of those in your social media world, can easily travel to China. You can make an impact from the comfort of your own home.

Learn about sharks. There are many species of sharks swimming the world’s oceans. Not just the familiar great white shark demonized in the movie Jaws.

Shark finning is a tragedy of epic proportions. Human greed and human cruelty will continue until those of us who care join the fight to save the shark.

Sharks, Shark Fin Soup, China

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What Is The Iowa Caucus?

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton and more are spending enormous amounts of time, energy and money in Iowa.

They are not alone. Ted Cruz Marco Rubio are crisscrossing the state hoping to finish in the top three.

Bernie Sanders is doing his best to garner more Democratic Party support than Hillary Clinton. Will Iowa provide Sanders with the long-term boost it gave Barack Obama or the soon-to-fade success it gave Rick Santorum?

More and more Iowans and other Americans may well feel their knowledge of the candidates has deepened but how many voters in Iowa and beyond know what the Iowa caucus even is.

The Wall Street Journal has gone so far as to alerting voters which Iowa counties to watch to predict the final caucus outcome.

A state which doesn’t make headlines outside of election cycles becomes for a time the center of the political universe.

If you are

The politicians may not be choosing to dance but those who feel their campaigns are on thin ice are certainly choosing for their campaign to go negative.

Negative campaigning must work, or at least politicians must believe it works, or they wouldn’t use it. Does the last poll before the Iowa caucus reflect the need for more negativity, more energy. more money, more public appearances and rallies or a combination of all of the above?

For the moment, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton  have reason for cautious optimism. Hillary Clinton less so as Bernie Sanders could win the prize. the race is that close.

Win or lose for any of the candidates after the Iowa caucus Monday night it will be back on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

There will be no rest for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders or any other candidates in this marathon race to the White House.




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eBay Amazon PayPal e-commerce

A continuation of my adventures in eBay Amazon PayPal e-commerce. So last night I wrote until the point I was proudly selling on two e-commerce platforms: eBay,  Amazon,  and tonight I add PayPal.

ebay had gotten off to a rough start — my first buyer turned out to be a scammer — but I stuck with the eBay selling. Soon I was keeping every cardboard box that came my way which I could use for shipping, asking friends to save cardboard boxes for me, and buying shipping peanuts, bubble wrap, heavy duty shipping tape. and other things I needed to be a good eBay shipper.

I also signed up for a PayPal account. At the time PayPal belonged to eBay. Now it is a separate company. I found PayPal to be remarkable easy to use. Although at first I was apprehensive.

PayPal is directly linked to my bank account and one of my credit cards. In this age of computer hacking I was fearful that my bank account would be drained.

Happily, I have found both eBay and PayPal to be secure and a good way to do business.

At this time, I have had well over 1,000 eBay and want to grow my sales. And I cannot remember e single less-than-satisfactory transaction with PayPal.

eBay Amazon PayPal e-commerce

Other than the above-mentioned issues, my next concern was buyers who would be quite difficult to deal with — there are people like that in this world. Difficult people.

The kind of people who are never satisfied, complain unreasonably, return purchases as often as they make them, and attempt to make others as unhappy as they are.

Knock on wood, I have had relatively few encounters on eBay with difficult people. Not that I haven’t had encounters with them but they have been few and far in between. They can be exasperating but I try to please them and move on.

One eBay feature that complicates dealing with people is the feedback  system which encourages buyers to rate their experience with the seller. In my experience at least half my buyers never bother to leave feedback, for whatever reason.

eBay Amazon PayPal e-commerce

–To Be Continued —





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eBay Amazon And Me

About five years ago I decided that instead of simply being a buyer on eBay that I would like to become a seller as well

Fear And Anxiety

For many people, I am sure, becoming an eBay seller is a no-brainer. Just sign up and sell. But I was fearful and anxious that it would be too complicated to become a seller on eBay. I had no experience with pricing, ad creation, shipping and whatever else was involved with selling.

But the dreams of some additional income, the challenge of learning something new and the thought that millions of other people were selling on eBay, made the decision for me. I plunged into selling.

I am the kind of person who tries to read and read and read about any new venture before jumping in. So I used google to find articles on both the successes and the pitfalls of selling on eBay. Finally the moment arrived to list my first item for sale.

Wouldn’t you know it, my first buyer turned out to be a scammer and the deal fell apart.

The experience with the scammer was not pleasant but the folks at eBay customer service were. They helped me through the crisis. Good thing I didn’t stop because of the scammer. I have now sold well over 1,000 items on eBay. I’d like to say proudly that I am now an expert…but I am not.

Every day on eBay is like a day at school. I am always learning something new. Sometimes the something new is good and sometimes the something new is not so good. Either way, it helps me grow as a seller on eBay.

Having begun selling, slowly to be sure, on eBay I decided I could branch out and sell on Amazon too. What I learned on one I could apply to the other, and vice versa.

Well, yes and no.

At the time, selling on Amazon, at least as far as I knew, was pretty much restricted to selling books. (How things have changed.) So I went through my personal library and chose a stack of books that I knew I could do without and were books on topics that might have a limited audience and therefore be more valuable.

Soon enough I was selling on two internet platforms.


(To be continued)





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More Than 140 Characters

Twitter is a terrific way to communicate quickly to as many people as care read the tweet. But oh, that 140 character limit is tough. Yes, it sharpens the mind and the editorial skills. But some things deserve more than 140 characters. And so, Perspectives in born.

I made the leap to a blog.

I found a web hosting service I liked — BlueHost.
Next came the WordPress.
Between the two of them a blog is becoming a reality.

There is so much helpful information on the Internet, on BlueHost and WordPress. For that I am grateful. But there is so much to learn. My hope is to not make too many mistakes, missteps, or make myself look like a fool — especially in the beginning.

The driving force that finally made me do this is my strong, deep and enduring passion for animals. I am opposed to animal cruelty in any form, and that includes hunting, and believe deeply that each animal life is precious and as worthy of respect as human life.

I tweet a lot about animals. That includes those who abuse, main, kill them as well as those, like me, who love them, respect them and want to be a “voice for the voiceless.”

At the same time, there is so much that catches my attention. This is an election year in America. Violence is spiraling out of control in our cities. Nations still find war far easier than diplomacy. Etc. Etc. Etc.

A blog presents the opportunity to break free — at least occasionally — from the rigid but necessary, I guess, confines of Twitter’s 140 characters. For Twitter I am grateful. And I will continue to be a loyal user. It’s just nice to know that I can say more, express more, write more when I want.

I’ll post this. Critique it for myself. Fine tune my plugins, themes, appearance of the blog. And then get to work. Like all the people who call this planet home I have a unique perspective. I am going to take a second look at this world and share my perspective.

What a great time to be alive.

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