Overfishing Dooming Tuna Species

Overfishing Dooming Tuna Species

Human greed and overfishing are driving tuna species to a bleak future.

Simply put, tuna are being netted, pulled from the ocean and killed faster than they can reproduce.

tuna-species Tuna SpeciesTuna in crisis and endangered

Tuna doomed unless Japan acts responsibly


The decline in several tuna species has been catastrophic.

Atlantic bluefin tuna

Southern bluefin tuna

Yellowfin tuna

Albacore tuna

Bigeye tuna

Skipjack tuna

So much damage has been done already.


Overfishing is unsustainable

Fear for the survival and the future of Atlantic tuna

Pacific bluefin population collapse




Measures to help tuna survive

The price of ignoring the problem



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