The Wildlife Report: Get Informed. Get Involved

               The Wildlife Report:

Get Informed. Get Involved

The wildlife of the world are nearing a tipping point from which they may never recover.

The crisis of dying animal species is here and now.

The world is losing the wildlife we love.

This eco-catastrophe has been years in the making.

The crisis of dying species didn’t happen overnight.

Hunting, poaching, human encroachment, bad farming practices, destruction of habitat and more have contributed to this bleak future.

Destroying our forests. Destroying their habitat.

Is this sustainable?

Will future generations see living elephants?

Rhino can’t protect themselves from people.

You and I do not have to be silent witnesses to the death of animals and species. We must be informed and involved.

Yes, your help matters.

Endangered species are counting on you.

Don’t just watch the animals disappear from the Earth.



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